17 juin 2004

READINGS (part. 6794321534).

so there's another little selection of must have there.

- the Autobiography of Me Too, from Bouzard (Requins Marteaux) : another shot from Plageman creator : heavy humor at its best, this is what Fluide Glacial's legendary sense of humor should look like in 2004.

- Comix Club (le Groinge) : pretty smart and full of good suprises (all the Groinge bunch are featured, and many other artists too), this is a critic book of others comics or comics creators (between others). another point of view, another way of "speaking of"... quickly, the second volume, please !

- La Fantome (la Boite a Bulles) : another brilliant book from La Boite a Bulles... nice art (ful of influences that i won't tell you), nice story... we'll wait for some more from its authors.

- Smart Monkey, from Winshluss (Cornelius) : without any doubts, one of the book of the year, so far. Winshluss, as usual, shows some others of his skills with a story full of intelligence, and with loads of narrative ideas. it's beautiful, it's real, it's a huge book.

- Grand Vampire #5, from Joann Sfar (Delcourt) : what can i say ? i was pretty sure that i had found this book done too quickly, in the way of the last Chat du Rabin, with not so good art... and i was wrong. Sfar, the guy who publish at least 1 book per month, signs a real good tale of our favorite vampires. the book #6 will be published in september.

- Meka, from Morvan and Bengal (Delcourt) : without any story, this book (part one of two)offers some Bengal art (big manga otaku, we see that) that is quite correct. but there's no story.

- Gothal Central #1 (Semic) : the first issues of this Batguy related police officers, quite good.

- Lapin n°34 (l'Association) : this is one of the best Lapin ever, if you ask me. all the creators hanging around l'Association are featured, and frankly, there isn't a bad page in this book (except maybe the legendary overestimed Marjane Satrapi, once again) : Ayrolles does his Ayrolles with a beautiful absurd tale, Parrondo does his Parrondo too, Vincent Vanoli confirms, as seen in his last books, that he's really leaving his dark, melankolic world for some lighter stories, Julie Doucet does some cool cut'n'paste art, Riad Sattouf confirms his skills when it comes to stupid but funny shit, Max and his homonym Max (Andersson) exploses in color and in few-page stories, Gunnar Lundkvist's kat goes through usual moments, Lewis Trondheim try some new methods of creating, Guy Delisle does a funny and vibrant homage to onf of his idols, Munoz, Matti Hagelberg still have sexual relation with wood (yeah, wood), Jochen Gerner becomes MAD, as he doing a... a... i don't know how to call this crazy "artwork"..., Laurent Andre is (also) stills on pretty heavy drugs that slowly eating his brain (does Laurent reads Kid Acne's Zebra Face comic book, or is it me ?), Lucas Methe and Lionel Tran do a nice story about relations ship and magic, Imius explores some really dark pages (and it's a blast), and there's also some Mattioli pages from the 70's...
oh yeah,the great moments ? there's some huuuuuge Jim Woodring art, a 24 pages magnificent piece of shit (as usual), Tobias Schalken do a great tale full of incredible art, Killofer shows that he's one of the best artists around, doing a story a la "676 apparitions", and Lars Sjunnersson signs a magnifical piece of shit with a story about taxis and cats...
a must have, of course.

- L'orme du Caucase, from Taniguchi and Utsumi (Casterman) : not the ultimate Taniguchi book (when does Le Seuil will publish the third "Botchan" book ?), but a good read indeed.

- Mauvais Chemin, from Jason (Atrabile) : five books at Atrabile, five must-reads. Jason is one of my favorite storytellers, and this last effort is in the exact continuity of the others : poetry, emotion, funny ideas.

more tomorrow. maybe.

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