21 juillet 2004


While Big Jus, one of the main guys under last century best hip hop band ever, Company Flow, have a pretty heavy lp ("Black Mamba Serums v2.0") in the recordshops (review here, listen here, and buy here), Diplo got some exciting shit courtesy of those smart ass @ big dada, who offers either one of the 500 run limited, numbered, screen-printed and hand stamped promos of Diplo's new album, "Florida", or one of the megamixes that Diplo for RJD2. Diplo also get some hard times with his pals from TTC : it's really, really a good use of your time to click here.

Speaking of TTC, the best hip hop act this side of solar system released another kind of recorded ufo : "dans les clubs" is a meltdown between Cents "in da club", but it's another hip hop TTC practice here. as usual, lots of humor and some solid sense of derision can hide how far the 3 lyricists can go. their beats are stronger than ever, th production becomes slowly really good, and as it wasn't enough, the sleeve is simply awesome. in fact, if you don't 21st century hip hop this much, you can easily buy all TTC shit for their sleeves. really.

Infinite Livez (who got an impressive "honestly, I'd be surprised if a better rap album is released this year, from anywhere" review by Simon Reynolds in the Village Voice) got a new video here.

and Part 2, one of the very first beat headz from uk who really get me, made a pause into his LP production to grab again some of his old pens and spraycans for some exhibition in York :
"the themes are portraiture and typography with faces represented including old Bill Burroughs, Stravinsky and Sun Ra, plus some abstract shizittle and some explosive lettering" does it says, and the exhibition runs from July 4th to July 27th at the Slug & Lettuce in York. More details (including buying original art from the abstract boogaloo guy), call Victoria Gray on (+)07793 356 317.

talkin about solid shit, here comes the next ish of the Solid Steel series (see how good i am for transitions, uh ?) : Amon Tobin did a Final Scratch mix, and you can win your own FS system (if you know how much it is, you'll probably try to win it...) around here.

i think that when it'll be wrote that dj Vadim has another new LP on its way ; which is a pretty good news, considering that he probably won the award for the 2004 Best Traveller by Plane Customer at Air Whatever...

those cats at Ninja or at Big Dada.
they don't sleep, either.

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