8 juillet 2004


i received 3 cd's full of Ibn Al Rabin music. Ibn Al Rabin ? don't we talk about some indy minimalist comic books swiss artist ? so he's a musician, too ?

yep, IAR is also an excellent guitarist (don't wait for some Satriani soli, i'm talking about music here...), and he looks like a funny entertainner, if I listened well to his "live" cd, recorded live in october 2002 in some bar ; there's also 2 cd's, "les moyens du bord" vol. one and vol. 2, where IAR plays guitar, harmonica, xylophone, neighborhood talks, noisy fridge, sony playstation and, yes sir, basic programmed music on Commodore 64. IAR sings, too, and his work looks like a melting pot of a sismic Bob Dylan, a totally high Kent, somewhere between the late 80's french indy rock and the last french good poetry wave (Matthieu Boggaerts, Sylvain Vanot and others...).

i'm not really into all of this stuff, but some tracks really comes from a great mind, that Ibn Al Rabin definitely got, as we already know it ; if you loved what you read from the guy, you'll love his music, for sure : we talk about 2 different views of a same creator universe, which is rare enough, and which is unmissable.
hurrah and bravoes for mister Ibn Al Rabin, one of the most complete artists around. but how many of us knows it ?

*(these are both titles of some Ibn Al Rabin tracks. check it !)

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