8 juillet 2004


did i talk about the visit of Nancy Pena and Vincent Rioult a week ago ? well, these two brilliant comics artists will soon move around here ; so it looks like i'll finally have opportunities to learn how to draw with great teachers, uh uh uh. hum. well. 8°
Nancy (blog) and Vincent (blog) are working on many projects and books for the near future, but their last big one are "le Cabinet Chinois" (Nancy) and "Passer l'hiver" (Vincent did the art -we talk about woodcut here- it while it was written by Marc Lizano), both availables thanks to La Boite a Bulles, a little french publisher that really slowly put its marks on nowadays little publishers area.
i hope i'll soon have more to tell about these 2 nice and talented artists. right now, i hope the rain will stop here, or they'll quick learn how the weather sucks here... 8)

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