7 juillet 2004


we're in july, the sky is grey and it's raining outside.
my throat is like a volcano, i'm having hard times dealing with swallowing food or beverages, i cannot clear it without any pain, this larynx ache just kill me slowly. fuck it. probably happened while sunday evening...

last weekend was the time to break our drums of ear, thanks to those guys from les eurockeennes de Belfort. well, usually i do some shit for them while the 3 days, but this year was "freeeeeeetime !" days, and having time to watch concerts with friends was pretty cool.

everybody says that it was evident that the Pixies weren't glad to play this gig ; we know that the mythic band never was the best when it comes to playing live, but this saturday, does this sad attitude came from their own relationships as members of the band, or from something else, i don't give a shit but well, it wasn't this good, period ; PJ Harvey sound was awful, but everybody (them again ?!) agree on the fact that the lady doesn't need any big soudsystem to seduce everybody. we tall about big charisma here.

RJD2 and the Def Jux peeps looks like they were totally awesome on stage, which isn't a surprise at all. RJD2 used turntables and MPC, this config looks pretty usual by now. the only good thing from this Elista guys are their record sleeve art, which is done by Julie Doucet herself, so we don't need to speak about them.

i would like to get some echoes about all the artists i didn't saw on friday and saturday (my nigga Feetwan and I played in our usual bar on friday, 85 thousands of billions people, cool) : Youngblood Brass Band, Buck 65 and his mates...

on sunday, i went to the festival with pals Ben and Ease, which was pretty cool. we missed Blonde Redhead and Doctor L : unfortunately, we came right at the same time that Svinkels started, and who are totally awfull on stage, still playing a punk hip hop that nobody wish to get by now, except maybe old Beastie Boys fans (by the way, i wasted my time listening to their last album, a big, big deception) that regret their first years, or teenagers fans of Jackass ; not my cup of tea at all...

Lust, our own local heroes, made a pretty cool gig ; they already got tons of fans, who were waiting for their show, and i think eveybody was glad about it. we'll see what happens with this next album, done with the help of Steve Albini himself. while i'm on the Lust topic, don't miss to visit their website, done by this same Ease i talked earlier.

i met Amp Fiddler and his crew while the guys were looking for chicken in the public area ; i like when artists don't act like big stars and it's usual in its kind of big festivals to meet somebody drinking on the same table as you, or using the same awfully dirty toilets you used. 8)
so i spoke with my old good friend Amp, yep, and so... 8) no, we exchanged 5 words but enough to let the man that some peoples didn't came for Slipknot or Korn, but for him ; and god, Amp Fiddler and his mates did a great, great show. this is an exact update of what funk is in 2004 : the audience goes for a journey through all the "black" dancefloor spectrum, from classic afrofunk tunes to reggae routines, from discoid house to the best soulfunk playground.
this +40 years old guy got a strong bunch behind him, all of them are great musicians or chorist. Amp got a real interesting life to speak about, he played for Georges Clinton in Parliament, or for Eddie Hazel, and it's frankly time for him to have a little bit exposure as a great artist himself. a huuuuge gig.

Le Peuple de L'Herbe ? i prefer to don't talk about it, i'll made myself another enemies. (hiya Guigui) 8)
le peuple de l'herbe have nothing to do on a great scene. they don't have anything pertinent to say, they don't even look easy in their music field. i don't give a shit about them having success, it's just sad that they got the audience that others deserves better. anyway.

Antibalaaaaaaaaaaassssssss !!!! do we have to call them Anti Bad Ass ? these guys made it again !
10 days after a great night in Dijon, i had the chance to check them again, and it was enormous. 8) the audience was into it after 30 seconds of music, and it was the biggest groove machine once again, playing its afrobeat to a crowd slowly becoming mad at it. these people have fun to live from their gigs, it's an evidence. and their enthousiasm about sharing it with you, is a real invitation that you cannot refuse ; the conductor of the band (and baritone sax) and the conga player (and main vocalist) went to met their audience, and my old pal Manu and I went home with another record, of course. 8)
let's put it simple, once again: if you know the Antibalas plays near you, don't miss them.

before to leave, Manu and I checked at least 20 seconds of Slipknot. one bass, one guitar, and 3 drums, sure these guys are totally deaf...
- uh ? ggrrrrmpppphhh ? wwwhat the fuuuuckkk ggrrrmpbblll ?
- no, nothing, mister Slipknot. everything's right. no problems."
these guys looks pretty bad and awful with their plastic masks, but how funny they are. and how funny are their audience, too ! a big musical circus, complete with clowns, to check also. well, 1 minute maximum if you want to save your ears. 8)

goodbye Belfort, see you next year...

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