16 septembre 2004

(french comics publisher makes a party, french experimental copimics online, weapons ban in usa, postgraffifi movements, 21st century toys, and various bullshit).

did you notice how sweat the summer was, with all these bloggers on holidays ? now, it's really over : you can spend hours by visiting daily updated blogs... Negative Velocity, Oslonovitch (aka "i read 34 books a week, why ?"), regular comics infos dealer Matt Murdock, Gilles from Neuvième art, Marc "i've got a brand new idea, but i got to finish the others 564654541351 i already started" Lizano, worldwide well knowed Tom Coates, Grant B., Vincent Rioult, the 24/24h awake guy called Gino, mysterious IokanaaN, Wembley and her Happening Fish blog, new little am' writer Neil Gaiman 8) , words machine Warren Ellis, sunshiny nice miss Fafe, Hinah diary... and tons of another ones (for example, visit also the blogs section in the left bar...).

- a few months ago, french indy publisher Ego Comme X celebrate its 10th birthday (paris, 06/17/2004).

- another comics project that kick serious ass, another shot from my pal ease...
recipe for a great comics cook : * lowest resolution drawings ever * pixel world domination * magnifying-glass rules* size matters * point gif.

- something you probably already got in your mailbox, but which is probably a little bit more constructive, or more interesting than the usual "don't break the chain or gain instant bad luck for the 200 next years", and relative to this always growing importance of internet (it was years since i wrote internet around here...) : five years ago, as 13 of his schoolmates, Daniel Mauser, a 15-year old boy, fall on Columbine High School floor, and just died.

since this fucked up story, his father, Tom Mauser, is working hard on some petition to renew the assault weapons ban in this crazy united states of amerikkka ; it's something pretty mad (and sad, too) to see that anybody or so can fuck with each other and just grab some AK 47 to teach stupid lessons, and in this times of heavy politic moves, maybe Bush and his congress turkeys will hear something from it... eh, dreaming of changing things is one of the last things left for this poor father, after all. i remember that the ban expires pretty soon, so... visit it now.

Tom Mauser launched some nice website devoted to the cause, using technology to create some kind of "6 degrees of separation", allowing their petition software to map the growing support for their cause ; if you sign it, you will receive a link to your personnal petition page, where you can see a real time map of your impact on this cause. of course, it's USA focused, but hey... it's a real good cause, isn't it ? my personnal link to Tom's page is in the left side bar, so go and say hi for me.

- nu-sign did some massive post-graff exhibition in paris this last july ; Andre, Influenza, KRSN, Miss Van, Stak, Zevs, and the infamous Akroe (who did some serious pieces this last weekend in the area, alongside the Mutan crew, some eastern bunnies eating spraycans for breakfast for many years by now) joined the fun.
also, check some great book called Art of Rebellion, a collection of 100 streeturbanpostgrafwhatever huge artists.

- speaking of post-graff, in a parallel world lives some adults who save some kid brain cells and spend their days creating the coolest toys ever ; find some Michael Lau, some Capsule Toys, some Eric So, some Qees, some Monsterism... right here thanks to Artoyz.
in another style, but still on the toys corner, there's some bricks around here and here.
Lego powaaaa !!! 8)

- never no time to play : guerrigliamarketing.
another shot ? "lemon is lemon", your nice and sweat own cure.

that's it.

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