23 octobre 2004


Yeah, I know : this place looks pretty dead, uh...
Well, it's not. Not yet, anyway... Still thousands billions things to take care of, still trillions things to do... I'm quite late on all of my (many) projects already started, and i feel like I gotta progress on it before posting your usual quota of bullshit here... I think you get the point : tons of work (job)+ tons of work (associative shit) + tons of work (graphic artwork for instance) + tons of work (mixes and selections to think about) = pretty big lack of time.
If you sells extra hours of life, your price is mine. Thank you.


- Hurry up ! You still got some FREE places for Subtle gig, in Paris (le nouveau Casino) on october the 24th... Subtle just released (on Warp' hip hop inprint "Lex") one of the best 22nd century' hip hop, with something like 100 years in advance. As usual, we're talking about all this Anticon marmelade here, and god knows how these guys know how to do it the best way : the Subtle one.
Just send an email to concours@radiocampusparis.org , with "Sutble, en concert le 24 octobre au Nouveau Casino" in the subject field of the mail, and just write "subtle" the phonetic way ; quite easy, uh. but hurry up : thes guys seems to be pretty hot at the moment.

- Talkin about cool gigs in Paris, General Electrics will be live at the New Morning on october the 25th (this next monday).
The cali-french guy released his last effort on Bleu Electrics in France, on Compost for Europe, and on Quannum in the states !
who said "huge" ? Check it out.

- Airborn Audio are M Sayyid et High Priest, both from the Antipop Consortium hall of fame.
"Good fortune" is another heavy piece of artillery, thanks to Ninja Tune, and it should be out pretty soon around here ; both guys already put some "brand new" landmark on what hip hop became these last years, but A-A is another proof of the magic between these suckers : another step in some kind of urban microwave music, which is probably some of their best work ever. High Priest also just released some solo new Ep called "Book Of Keys" on Sound Ink record label, and guess what, it's an headbanging slice of wax.

- Kazi got a new LP, Oh No got a new LP, Declaime will have a new LP pretty soon...
Stonesthrow is in fact some kind of secret laboratory where doctor Butter Wolf and professor Egon never sleep, but create clones of themselves for taking care of one of the best hip hop record label out there ; wanna some proof ? "Stonesthrow 101" is the first DVD of Peanut Buter Wolf' label, it's out now or tomorrow, and you don't wanna miss it.
15 videos (last Stonesthrow hyper Madvillain, fabulous duo of Jay Dee and MadLib , the classic Lootpack's "whenimondamic", some heavy twister funk courtesy of the migthy Breakestra, Declaime soulfull alter ego Dudley Perkins, ultra huuuuuge Quasimoto "Come on feet" and "Good morning sunshine" ...), some lives pieces (PBWolf and Charizma back in some 1992 SF TV, Stark Reality liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive on tv in 1968 !!!, Jaylib at the Jazz Cafe in London in 2004, MF Doom/Madlib/PBWolf/Egon and J-Rocc all together on Canada's MuchMusic TV), interviews (PBWolf) and documentaries (all on the Los Angeles Carnival), this dvd comes with a 70' StonesThrow history mix by the Peanut Butter guy himself (42 tracks !)... Yep, run and grab some copies for all your family, as x-mas looks earlier this year.

- TTC released their new lp too, on Chronowax/V2/Big Dada ; Para One, Tacteel and Tido Berman produced the baby, and if i'm not really totally into all the lyrics of the bunch, we gotta admit that these guys push things pretty far away from anything you can imagine of french hip hop...
each instrumental is a heavy shit masterpiece, and these guys got all the ingredients for making it a french record masterpiece of its own. Two things, unfortunately, will not let this happen : first, their big fat humor is sometimes a little bit shadowed from their sexual-contents-for-obscene-but-virgin-geek (which means that some tracks could be funny ones as missed, wasted ones), and second, frenchs still ain't ready for this. TTC are 5 years in front of their hip hop french friends, and french audience is always eating yesterday diner, when TTC does some cook for tomorrow. Ok, pretty dirty food, but interesting and 200% tasty flavors.
Another great thing in this release : the sleeve is another brilliant piece of work courtesy of Akroe, and if you seen it in some press, take a closer look when in shops : the real surprise of this sleev doesn't show itself on computer screen, but in your hands ; so go and buy it from your local dealer instead spending money on .com shops, you lazy bastard.

>>> Current tunes / october 2004.

- Peanut Butter Wolf and Madlib "rawcore" (stonesthrow/astral werks 2002).
- Subtle "I heart L.A." (lex records 2004).
- Oh No "the ride" (stonesthrow/pias 2004).
- BlackJoy "river people" (cdr).
- Ibn Al Rabin "une demi-heure de musique qui fait peur" (les moyen du bord 2004).
- Build an ark "you gotta have freedom (J-Rocc remix)" (kindred spirits).
- Bettye Swann "ain't that peculiar" (honest jon re-ed 2004).
- Weldon Irvine "I love you" (bmg 1976).
- Sugarman 3 & co "pure cane sugar" (daptone 2004).
- Ozomatli "street signs" (real world 2004).
- June + Monkey "octobre" (nowhere else 2004).
- Roger Robinson "illectica" (jazz fudge 2004).
- Jill Scott "Golden" (epic 2004).
- Mustang "back home" (compost).
- Wahoo "make'em shake it" (sonar kollektiv).
- Bugz in the attic "booty la la" (v2).
- BlackJoy "la stache" (Yellow productions 2004).
- Moodyman "already knows" (private collection 2004).

stay tuned, the planetoid is back. well, nearly... 8)

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