25 octobre 2004


Consssssuuuuummmmmeeeeeeerrrrringggg timmmmme !
I bought my third DVD ; yep, i'm not a big dvd collector, and when i think it took me 12 years to get... what... 50 video tapes ? Anyway.

"Product Placement - on tour" is another brick in the musical creative wall that dj Shadow and Cut Chemist are buildin' for years ; i'm still listening to this "Brain Freeze", their first recorded and published collaboration together, (first vynil pressing, of course, eh eh eh) at least once a month, but watching these 2 fuckers is a real good time investissment too : both of them do their usual (and now semi-legendary) 7 inch little games (Shadow even play some 3", which is really funny to see), and the dvd shows also plenty of good dj's, but the real thing is : these guys loves music, and shit (60's soul jazz to speed funk to 70's psyche rock to 80's breakbeats... the usual shit !), they have fun, loads of fun.
They're glad to spin, they're glad to play in front of people, all comes to the attitude of the audience, of the crowd, of the 2 turntablists.
Both of them are just having fun, and this is what is so good with them ; far away from the emptyness of only technical turntablists videos, here you've got dope shit (heck, i praise the lords to spent one day in their houses, just listening 1% of their records collections must be great as fuck), with nothing but real good attitude. it sounds a little bit cliche, but this is the main ingredient of their cooking lessons : have fun. Oh, and buying tons of 45, too. 8)

Including in the dvd is some parts of their show in San Franciso (of course), Los Angeles, NYC, in UK, and in Japan ; they catch their hosts shows too, and for the same price you've got some videos from the whole tribe of wax addicted : "Uncle" Nu-Mark (the beared J5 gives little instant lessons), Marvski, Egon (the StonesThrow cratedigger knowed worlwide), Keb Darge (nearly a living legend), Z-Trip (this punk spins "Nevermind" from Nirvana in his set, really awfull but heck, it works with his next record...), DJ Spinna, Charlie Dark from Attica Blues Shortkut... and inserts from their roads to foreign gigs, to local shops... Also including in the dvd box is the CD from the show. frankly, this is pure dope deal.

Go and buy it, even if you're not into this turntablism mess.

It's all about music here, and don't wait for some big fat hip hop or serious ass attitude : sugar funk, heavy bass lines, snair/drum patterns that will makes your head turn, and radical fun, really.
Oh : the original shit that Shadow plays at some moment, which was used by Biz Markie in his "Just a friend", is one the best part of the show... and the "I'm your puppet" little 3" game following doesn't help the fuckers like me : Mister Davis, I need your dealer adress please ! 8)

"Product Placement - on tour" is a Pillage Roadshow dvd, and got some milk in fridge and some cookies when you'll view it ; it will be even better.

today, june's favorites dvd's of his own collection of dvd's :
- "Directors Label : the work of director Spike Jonze" dvd.
- "Product Placement - dj Shadow and Cut Chemist on tour" dvd.
- "Studio Super8 animations" dvd.
how egotrip this blog is turnin'... anyway. 8)

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