11 novembre 2004


4 years of 200% pure Bu(ll)sh(it) for you, ladies and gentlemen.
I know that all of you, my friends, are quite upset/sad/sick of the last Bush hold up.
Well, please wake your democrats friends, make them feel they're alive and in good health, ask them to show it the next time, and knock on wood : W could really fuck up more things in 4 years.

Take care of you, especially my not-catholic/not-white/not-hetero/not-owner-of-the-last-4x4-Chevrolet friends.
But you gotta know something : we got our own bandit for big boss, here too. France ain't full of pathetic catholic Texan as yours, but we got some pretty great specimen, too.

Where in the world can you learn to be patriotic ?
Surely not at your place, but definitely not at mine, believe me.

/end of fucked-up transmission. complete.

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