28 décembre 2004


pictures, drawings, sounds, and stupid things, as usual :

- some interesting art pieces done by the always wonderful, always creative Jim Woodring are available at Mirabile Dictu ; Mary, Jim's wife and long time partner in crime, says that "Mirabile Dictu" is the new art showat jimwoodring.com. Come on down and cast your gaze on the latest crop of affordable pen & ink drawings, charcoal images, tidy watercolor paintings, and more.

- "From Warren Ellis comes Telepathine, a free radio/new culture, music and spoken word donated or recorded by independent artists.
The telepathine playlist is donated music and performance by invited artists. It uses the system radio.blog to stream the audio as compressed Flash files. Most if not all of the telepathine artists have their featured works available as micropay or free downloads, accessed through their biography pages below. Mperia is telepathine's preferred stage for mp3 preview.".
when i told you that this Ellis guy never sleeps...

- there's some Quas' new shit, courtesy of the usual gang at StonesThrow ; as usual, don't miss it : Quasimoto' broad factor is seems to be a cool way to start 2005 :

the return of the loop digga...

- One of uk top emmcees, the Rootical One, aka Rodney Smith, have an online home ; Roots Manuva new album, "Awfully Deep", will be out on january 31st 2005, and it's a full selection of huuuuuge, huge cuts. The new single, "Colossal Insight", is due by january 17th, thanks to the usual bunch of english freaks from NinjaDada. or BigTune. hey, anyway.

- From Los Angeles came the duo Ammoncontact ; they do stratospheric 22nd century (yeah, 22nd) pieces of beat constructions, instrumental semi-hip hop with this hot nowadays psyche-spiritual-jazzy-twist. "One In An Infinity Of Ways", another brilliant piece of their work, thanks to the usual bunch at Ninja, is available around here.

- speaking of them, the Ninja crew seems pretty busy at the moment, as The Herbaliser are currently finishing mixing their next album (one of the hypest hip hop head of the moment, Jean Grae -is she a new member of our Phillie faves The Roots, or not ?- seems to be involved in the businness of the new Herb' lp), Matt Black (from Coldcut) has worked, alongside many others musicians, with legendary anarchopunks Crass on an album called "Savage Utopia" ; "First performed at the Vortex club last year, the set is now out on CD via Southern under the name "Crass Agenda.", they said. Still hoping to have an ear on Vadim next huge project, "One self", which looks like a big piece of interesting shit. And the new Jaga (yep, the bunch forgot the "jazzist" from their name) are finsihing their album, something more post-rock-guitar-led oriented. We'll see.

- Spacek recorded live at Solidwater party / Mains d'Oeuvres / France on 15 march 2003 (Spacek sound system : decks + vocals by Steve Spacek + Solo). (thanks to my old friend Mich for this).

- Jhelisa Anderson (nobody forgot her 1995 debut solo album "Galactica rush", then some acoustic versions were on "Galactica moods", and her second album "Language electric"), for many years, worked with many, many people, from Courtney Pine to Chaka Khan, from touring with Roy Ayers, Michael Franti or the Roots. She seems to be back, and i mean, really "back" in the business, for my greatest pleasure, since Infracom record label released the [re:jazz] project (called "Point of View"), where Jhelisa did a brilliant new version of "Inner City Life", and that those guys announced that Jhelisa next album is in the works (the lady will record it between january and march 2005 in New Orleans) and will be released later in 2005.
I'll never say how i looooove this people at Infracom.

- If you wanna move your feets and make up your mind in the same time, you just cannot miss the Bugz track of 2004, a real heavy piece of shit called "Booty la la", which having a biiiiig release early on january.
If you're not believing me, maybe you can read the following shit that some minors people in this business have to say about Bugz in the Attic last work, their remix project called "Got the bug - The Bugz in the Attic remixes collection" : "The perfect introduction to the sound of Bug-funk - recommended" (Knowledge), "This is truly essential - recommended album - *****" (IDJ), "Gives Basement Jaxx a run for their money" (Music Week), "intricately formed and timeless re-rubs - *****" (DJ), "a double pack of remix masterpieces, get down on it - ****" (Zoo Weekly), "Bugz are MAW' cousins... They are the future" (Louie Vega), "Bugz In The Attic are some of the most creative cats I know" (Jazzy Jeff), "We (radio 1) are very excited to preview a fresh new British sound" (Pete Tong), "yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy !!!! I loooooovvvvvve this tuuuuuunee !!!!" jUne, ehr, no. hum... Well, you got the point. it's for the dancefloor lover in you !

- You're the best, you're the greatest, you're the one, you're the best, you're the greatest, you're the one, you're the best, you're the greatest, you're the one, you're the best, you're the greatest, you're the one, you're the best, you're the greatest, you're the one, you're the best, you're the greatest, you're the one, you're the best, you're the greatest, you're the one, you're the best, you're the greatest, you're the one, and only. Check it, you'll see.

time to go. have a nice day, ladies and gentlemen.

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