17 décembre 2004


i'm coming from an eastern lost countryside, somewhere in France, where the only real thing you gotta do is to move far away, or so.
some of the best people on earth are coming from this area called Jura : Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Greta Garbo, Herbie Hancock, Quentin Tarantino, Ed Jeunet (just to name a few), and many others great people were born in Jura.

- Miss Sandy is a young fresh girl doing plenty of artistic projects for a quite long time by now ; you can see her acting in tv stuff and all, running or working on some of the hypest parisian parties, but she also write, dropping a few words on Revue Bordel. Check her last shit in the issue seven, right here.

- "At 27, Etienne Bardelli, who goes by the name of Akroe, is one of the most stunning French players on the post-graffiti scene. Fascinated by drawing and illustration, he began graffing on the streets in the 1990s, and went on to study applied arts and graphic design. With this training he was able to take his art down a more professional path, but has never left graffiti behind. He now collaborates with a variety of indie electro and hip hop music labels as well as clothing brands".
Yeah, it looks like something usual on this blog, but let's have a few words about post-graff artist Akroe : Pyramid, a french artbooks publisher, just released a book on Akroe's art, in the collection "designer & designer", alongside people like Genevieve Gauckler, Etienne Robial, Tous des K., and many, many more. It's a real nice little book (ISBN : 2-910565-85-8), it cost 13 euros (well, yesterday, it was my b-day so i just get back home with 4 differents titles -and some books, vynils, and dvds, too- but buying one seems to be enough for some normal use...), , and cause you don't wanna miss it, here is its title : "Akroe". 8)

zyva envoie des stickers mec syva ouaich merde   8°

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