3 février 2005


...I'll try to talk about this year's Angouleme Comic Festival with my mate Fred, about how great it was to meet (or meet again...) nice guys like Gilles (9eme art), Matt Murdock, Marc Lizano, Vincent Rioult, Didier Millote, Nancy Pena, Frederik Peeters, Alex Baladi, Frads, Christophe Gaultier, Sylvain Ricard, Frank Bourgeron, Guewan, Gino, Fafe, Guillaume Long, Jonathan Larabie, Xaxa (in Angouleme ? uh ?) and many, many more, about the plenty of huge comics i bought there, including some shit from Sara Varon, Anders Nilsen, Jean Christophe Menu, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, John Porcellino, Alex Baladi, Gabrielle Bell, Fafe, Paul Hornschemeier, Jeffrey Brown, and many, many more, and the usual annual dose of scandinavian shit. I won't talk about the meetings i totally fucked up (Nico Xeroxed, Namrepus, Laureline Mattiussi, Remy Cattelain, David Lloyd...), hmmm.
Oh yeah, for the comics geeks of you, don't miss the signed books excerpts (waouh ! amazing ! fantastic ! how coooool ! waouh ! so great ! huge ! waouh ! hum) from Junko Mizuno, Tatsumi, Jeffrey Brown, Paul Hornschemeier, Anders Nilsen, Baladi, and neither the complete Xeroxed collection (thanks to Nico), or the thousands pics, from Spiegelman receiving french honors, to Alex Robinson and his award, from Jason and Fred Peeters to Eddie Campbell while their respective conference, from... well, more to come this weekend, due to "classical" photo development process...
F A C T S :
- 5 differents trains to finally reach Angouleme, instead of one. Not this easy, uh.
- Eric Omond is still the dancefloor killer, as far as Loisel looks ridiculous when trying to be funky. Loisel sucks, period.
- Satrapi have nothing to do with 2004 best comics.
- JC Menu last book is something to read, definitely.
- Alvin Buenaventura sells a thousand cool comics.
- Jeffrey Brown didn't even know that he will have "Big Head" published in France in the following weeks, shame on its french publisher ("6 Pieds sous terre", but... buy it, buy it !).
- Angouleme is a freeeeeeezzzing damn cold town.
- Fred and I will get warm and comfortable bedrooms next year.

See ya soon, i suppose.

thanks to Yves, as usual

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