9 mars 2005


- If you're not this familiar with one of USA top publishers around, this is time to try Top Shelf shit, ladies and gentlemen.
From Sunday March 6th thru Tues March 15th, Top Shelf is offering 90 comics and graphic novels (some of their best titles) for... $3. Yep, 3 dollars... and a few other books to $1, too... You got the point. time to order some TS comics.
The only way to get into this fabulous mess is to order a $30 minimum (without shipping), which is just cool as fuck.
Buy some Top Shelf stuff ; there's some of the best books of these days published there, and Chris Starros probably needs a few extra bucks for his company. Help those guys, hotdammit !

Top Shelf Productions
PO Box 1282
Marietta, GA 30061-1282

- the following book won the January 2005 Best Comic Award at the monthly Ceremony of the Planetoid Awards :

read me read me read me read me

So go and buy it, you crap.

- 10 good reasons to not miss "Sideways" in a cinema near you :
- it's probably snowing outside so some warm and comfortable place to hang on is nothing but a brilliant idea.
- sometimes you ask yourself about this old relationship with some old friend, some relationship that you try to save through years ; well, you're not alone, my friend.
- "Constantine", despite its beautiful visual atmospheric effects, simply sucks (especially if you like the comics, as I am), and "Team America" from the Stone&Parker "SouthPark" hall of fame is funny a shit but doesn't have any chances aside a movie that you'll think about for days (which is exactly what I'm doing, one week after seing it).
- you like wine.
- you like drinking wine.
- you like drinking wine untill laaaaaate at night.
- you think that "chicks" that kick stupid macho ass in movies aren't too numberous.
- you think that california look better on a cinema screen.
- you probably forgot that Virginia Madsen looked this good since you saw her in this "Hot spot" flick with Don Johnson.
- you already heard about all "the truth" this movie is all about.
(I'm glad that I went to see this movie with Dude ; Dude, I'm proud to be your friend, and your car smells good)

this is it, I'm out.
have a nice day, laaaaadies ans geeeentlemen.

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