23 août 2003


yesss ! finally they did it.
the little crew of motivated and decided french drum'n'bass heads are currently releasing Le Break, a dj tools kindalike, the very first french one, with stuff that all of you jungle/drum'n'bass dj's (or just breakbeat oriented openminded people) will have fun to play with.

i duno who did the cover art but it's just awful. 8)
the bunch of freaks under this project are just people who like the music, not especially in the business field, but definitely more from the dj'ing/producers french area, and since "the beginning" for any of them ; along them are dj Nem, Steve Arguelles, or Cristalo, but i wanna say a big BIG UP (and respect too) to my man Alcor who do shit-for-the-ears for... heck, for too long by now. so having his stuff on some wax is nothing but huge. now Alcor, i'm waiting for some full tracks from you, dirty asshole. 8)

Le Break is a LP full of good shit and is available through Philippe at Venus [phone (0033) fax (0033)] or online here.

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