21 août 2003


- NewYork City Blackout as photographed by John Wehr. nice shots, interesting and differents view from the people on the ground view.

- still on the "those stuuupid residents of the united states of america can do it, they realy can" topic, some news from our pals David H. and Gary C., circa uh, let see... 1980 something, uh ?

don't they look soooo pretty ?

- "...Because, really, as long as you're sexier than the 20th century's greatest monster, you're doing pretty OK."
is that all that we can wait from the web ? i don't think so, but god, how fucked up could be the dangerous minds you can go through while pranking online... this one, for instance, ask on a humorous mode if he can "compete with Hitler?". Gasp. sounds like a +5000 clicks a day routine...

- something metallic and beautiful to see one day.

- stupid of the month. how's that, i'm rude ?

- or is it him ?

well, time to go. to sleep. for hours :
tomorrow i see my (maybe) soon-to-be boss.
new job.
more comics involved.
more money, too.
means loads of new shit.
and loads of gooood news.
have a nice day, ladies and gentlemen.

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