20 août 2003


ohhh, what a great link. thanks mister Ease. 8)
in fact, it's quite disturbing :

one, friends from the local bookshop told me that "Stick'em up", some book (about guess what, stickers, yeah right) my pal Alcor asked me to find for him, has finally arrived. i've gived it a try, and it looks pretty good. Alcor, as you're not on ICQ today, you must know it : your book is here. 8)

two, yesterday night, while re-watching "Marathon Man" (Schlesinger's 1976 classic), i got some immediate tooth ache, don't ask me why. 8) so i decided to go stick a little in my nice quiet little old town. i came back after a 80 minutes run, around 3 am, and gooood, it was good. i think you'll find these very stickers soon on the Sticker Nation link above.

three , so the following link will launch your poor soul in the twisted post-graff-neo-vandalizm-sticking madness, which is one of the last so-perfect so-pretty artform i've seen in ages. Sticker Nation is a nice door to start with. loads of nice stickers, great places, everywhere... so of course, there's already some pieces from KRSN, Akroe, Bansky, and many many more. check this out in the next weeks for some personnal uploads, uh uh uh.

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