29 août 2003


i finally "signed" my new contract of employment, a few minutes ago. and i'm nothing but glad about it.

on october the 1st i'll start my new career as a comics seller in a new bookshop in Dijon (which will open in november), and i'm quite happy about it, cause my new boss and i both agreed on the main things (money, money, money, money, money, hours, money, money, money, and money).

i'll speak more about it pretty soon. for 6 weeks i'll work with some good friend of mine in Besancon (hello Grimmy), and after that, Dijon. which means loads of work, as there's already some big bookshops there.
but i got another month of vacation before it, while i'll try to focus on 1) doing nothing, and 2) read mountains of baaaaad french comics that i'm supposed to know if i wanna sell 'em. 8)

"I'm going to use you like a hand puppet!". thanks again, mum... h, mister Ceransky. 8)
i see that when you're not ICQing while at work, you're also finding great stuff on the web. thanks for it.

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