1 septembre 2003


hanging (pranking ?) around the worldwidewonderfulweb, some preet cool news (people who don't-give-a-fuck-about-comics, don't waste your time...) :

- Jenny Everywhere : All rights reversed.
a loooong time ago, some crazy cats from the Barbelith hall of fame decided to do some heavy shit.
you cand find stuff about Jenny quite everywhere by now ; no doubt that with some info relayed from each sides at once, this (first ?) comic-book open source character will turn as a massive success worlwide, thanks to this very same www who helped to promote the fuckin' good idea.
"The Shifter's mysterious Open Source origins can be traced back to a comic book discussion group hosted by hip UK-based webzine Barbelith.com. Community administrator Tom Coates uttered a plea for rights-free characters "that we declare can be used by anyone at any time in any format without there being anyone to give money to." as wrote on Exclaim! by Tony Walsh.

- "According to a Pantheon Books spokesperson, Persepolis has now sold over 35,000 copies, which puts it in the manga stratosphere of sales for graphic novels in the book channel.", catched on icv2.
i wonder if this will help Satrapi to try to focus on some better art with all this money she won by giving united states residents the first ish of Persepolis. i totally missed the 3rd vollume, and from what i saw in this summer's daily page published in french paper Liberation, i'll not buy the 4th either. we'll see.
at first i was sure that Satrapi got some strong ideas and that she knew how to release some quality books, but i'm now a little bit confused about it ; her art is not thiiis beautifully rendered, but it's not a problem : along many others, Lewis Trondheim or Jeffrey Brown doesn't do beeaaauuutiful drawings, but they tell great stories and more than everything else, they know HOW to tell it. Marjanne Satrapi just tell some stuff. and even with real interesting memories from her childhood in Iran (and god knows how there's things to tell from there), i now have doubts about the real credibility of her contribution on a "art" level. maybe writing was sufficient, i dunno.

- ...and while on the icv2 site, some juicy comment on the DVD release of the year. one of the best books ever, through the DVD prism ? i want it.

- Sean Collins talks about Grant Morrison, David Bowie, and Chris Ware ? well... let see.

- imagine the Crossgen headquarters. think about Mark Alessi seated under his office. and reading these comments about THE FIRST #34 :
"...but there was something about how all of their comics are connected because they'd all been dreamed up by this really rich guy, who doesn't actually write or draw comics himself but hired a bunch of other people to sit in an office and draw stories about his imaginary world for him. If you can afford to do that kind of stuff, hey, as long as you can pay the bills...."
i dunno what/who is this Jess Lemon, but for sure his writing about Crossgen' comics are a must-read. 8)
you can find it, and more stuff too, here on the Mile High forum. Jess Lemon just kill (and i mean my words) some stuff from Crossgen, and it's just make him public enemy number one on this very thread ; the comments from exasperated Crossgen fans/nerds are really funny (more on the "afflicting" meaning...)...

- Scott McCloud talks about stuff. and somebody talks about Scott McCloud.

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