1 septembre 2003


cool night alongside some of the most horrible and painters this side of the universe, Kid Acne (left), and Akroe (right). 8)
well, it was short but it was pretty cool.

Akroe did his annual birthday party, deeeep inside our beautiful woods from eastern france ; cool people, moutains of food, and stupidistic environment at its best made this no-annual rendez-vous an unmissable party. of course, once again i was in the firsts poor wretchs who left early (one day, i'll get my own car, i promise...), and i didn't live the end. holy fuck.
no doubts that it was great, and i hope it didn't turn into the shit-and-food orgy it was last year. 8)

oh yeah, and having some Invisibles Spies shit and Kid Acne's 7" on ElectroCaramel in my records bag was a good idea, too ! 8)
i hope i'll get some pics echoes from the party... i'll post some.

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